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And we have a winner!

02/05/2010 – 20:15:36 by ville_j
The 10th and the final event has now ended, and romy4 managed to get his 3rd win in the row! He won the total of 4 events and he's the winner of the cup, congratz! The final standings are up, this site will remain open for now so you can see though the events and so on. You can read some more from mopolauta later.

Last chance to glow

25/04/2010 – 20:00:55 by ville_j
Romy4 won for the 3rd time, superik! The final event has now started, it's your last chance to define your destiny xD The event is a bit special: you can skip 2 apples and there are 3 flowers. Hope you enjoy teh and remember: only 9 best events are counted in the total standings!

The beginning of the end

18/04/2010 – 19:44:32 by ville_j
So, the 8th event has ended and romy4 took his second win in the cup, congrats! 9th, and the second last event is just about to start, so it's almost your last chance to show your skills. I hope the final levels will be enjoyable and give some excitement to the final standings =)

Double trouble

29/03/2010 – 21:57:13 by ville_j
Pab won the 4th event and he's now 2nd on the total standings, gratz! Now it's time for double event, and that means double points too. I think it's very exciting to see how similar/different the results will be, we'll see!

Grats romy4, are you ready 4 event 4 ?

22/03/2010 – 21:55:28 by ville_j
Romy4 won the 3rd event with time 1:11,61, congrats! However, Rooker is still leading the overall standings with over 60 points. How long will he be able to lead? The 4th event is up and running, check it out. And I just want to note that the levels will be getting a bit "different" as the cup gets over the halfway, so keep on playing!


14/03/2010 – 20:18:55 by ville_j
Oh yeah, event #02 is over. Rooker keeps rocking the show, he won second event in a row, and is now leading the overall standings with 200 points, gratzikij! Nice to see that many sent in times again, hopefully we can keep this player amount quite steady for the whole time of the cup. I can also recommend that you see the replay pack of event 2, there were few different styles to play the level.

Event #03 is also up, keep playin' =)

Event #01 over, #02 started!

07/03/2010 – 22:26:04 by ville_j
So, the first event is over and the winner is Rooker with 35,46, gratz! Second event is also available, and once again you have 7 days to hoyl it. I am very pleased to see as many as over 20 players in the first event. I hope the most of you guys continue playing, and new players are welcome to join teh fun too, it's not too late yet =D

Event #01 started

28/02/2010 – 20:45:55 by ville_j
So, the first event has started. BoneLESS was the first one to guess the level name right and got his first 3 points, gratz! I hope you enjoy the level. You have one week time to play, so see you on next Sunday for the first event's results!

Talvi Cup is coming!

20/02/2010 – 22:32:39 by ville_j
Hello there! This page is all about Talvi Cup. It will start on February 28th, so be prepared. Read the rules through carefully and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me on irc. You can find me at #talvicup @ircnet, where all of you are also welcome to join for open discussion and other stuff. I am excited, I hope you are too!